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we are following developing news where firefighters are still putting water on a strip mall that started burning early this morning. we'll give you a look at the flames and an up close look at the damage. after months of drama ross mirkarimi will keep his job as sheriff. we'll tell you why the supervisor said they voted the way they did and will the sheriff receive back pay? looking for answers in libya. the new details about the
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deadly embassy attack release. lightning and rain. will that continue today? we've had cloud to cloud lightning. we'll see if it continues. time now for the second hour of ktvu channel 2 news. good morning everyone it's wednesday october 10th i'm mike mibach in for dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. nice to have you here mike. >> glad to be here. >> it's early. >> i'm up. >> it is? >> well it's late for us. how is the weather? >> we've had lightning especially toward the santa cruz coastline. and last night pretty good lightning show up toward lake county as well. we could see some of that today. highs today low 60s and 70s. today is the one day for possible lightning. we'll talk about that in five minutes. here is sal. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on westbound 24. you can tell it's become a lot
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more crowded in the last few minutes. and the morning drive will be looking good on the san mateo bridge. let's go back to the desk. we are tracking developing news out of union city where a fire at a strip mall damaged several businesses. claudine wong is live to see why the fire burned and a look at the damage. claudine. >> reporter: good morning, mike. let me show you what is happening now. in the last half hour the ladder truck moved into position. they are still putting water over the top of this. they are doing that because the roof has collapsed in that area and beyond so they are worried there may be hot spots. we've seen it smoking all morning long. they want to put more water on it and they will wait awhile before they go actually inside. now we don't know at this point how the fire started but we do know that it burned for quite awhile. we will give you a look at the flames. at its height, this fire was really going. smoke first spotted at 1:15 this morning. the firefighters say it was burning for quite awhile before anyone saw it.
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it was in the roof line of that strip mall. when firefighters got on scene they realized how much progress that fire was making. it took 90 minutes to get in front of it. the focus will be on the inside corner of the mall. >> probably that is the area where the fire started and we've got to get our investigator in there. we've got to make sure it's safe before we put anybody else in there. >> reporter: firefighters estimate there are ten businesses damaged or destroyed by this fire. we talked to one business owner even though his store did not get hit by the flames the water damage and heat damage is extensive. >> i'm so upset. i'm so much worry that i lose my business. but i'm worried about this is my son's store. has been my son. but i'm worry had is going on now. >> reporter: so as bad as this fire was, firefighters said could have been worse if not
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for a couple firewalls. couple things to mention there was evacuations of a nearby apartment complex but those people are now back inside their home. and there was a firefighter hurt by plait glass but he got stitches and is back at home recovering. taking a look back here live. they are throwing water down on it. you can see where the roof line drops down. that is where it collapsed. there is one firewall there, there is one on the other side. there are a couple restaurant there is. they believe that is where the fire started. live in union city i'm claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. overnight a woman was found badly burned on a road. they saw the woman just before 11:00 last night. the woman was conscious at the time and transported to the hospital. deputies found burned clothing about a mile away in a driveway. they are still investigating the incident. ross mirkarimi says he
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wants to mend fences as he gets back to work as san francisco's sheriff. ktvu tara moriarty joins us now from san francisco with the late night vote from supervisors that reinstated mirkarimi as sheriff 37 >> reporter: this was kind of a city hall shocker mayor ed lee just two votes shy of getting his way. supervisors john avalos, david campos did want him to keep his job. >> given that motion required nine votes in order to pass the motion does not approve. the charges of official misconduct against sheriff ross mirkarimi are not sustained. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: mirkarimi supporters cheered after the late night decision came down after nine long hours of presentations from mirkarimi and lee's camps. they thought his guilty plea did not rise to the level of
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official city misconduct. now campos spoke setting a dangerous precedent for unchecked mayoral power. >> i think we really tried to do what is right for the city and county of san francisco. based on the law and the facts. and tried to take this as seriously as we could. >> reporter: mirkarimi will receive back pay from the time he was suspended back in march. this all stemmed from a new years eve incident with his wife. mayor ed lee did issue a statement saying he strongly disagrees with the 7-4 vote. domestic violence has no place in our city. will never be considered a private family matter and will never be tolerated. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'll have continuing coverage throughout the morning and the reaction. we also have a special section dedicated to the case on the home page of our website that
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is website within. a court hearing is scheduled from a man that abducted a nine-year-old girl. the incident happened at park side elementary. 25-year-old bradley walked into the girl's bathroom grabbed a nine-year-old girl, and tried to carry her off. the girl managed to escape. prosecutors say he faces additional charges stemming from other school trespassing incidents. a house committee will hold a hearing looking into diplomatic security in libya following at attack on the u.s. consulate in ben georgia say. coming up the new information about the attack being released by the state department ahead of the hearing this morning. the man behind the antiislamic film innocence of muslims which sparked violence worldwide is expected to appear in courtroom today. mark yusuf was convicted in 2010 of bank fraud.
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prosecutors want his probation revoked. chevron say ascii crude unit that caught fire at the richmond refinery will remain offline until the end of the year. that could have an effect on gas prices once again. the august fire and power outage at a southern california refinery have been blamed for causing gas prices to skyrocket here in california. chevron says its u.s. oil production fell by $9:thousand barrels a -- 92,000 barrels a day. rail line may have been conducted without at proper permit. construction crews may have not had proper authorization to start work near the habitat of endangered wildlife in san rafael. the smart project has a permit for soil testing but not construction. if you are just getting up, let's get over to sal castaneda. >> this big trouble for the bay
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bridge. it just happened. a crash on the bridge. i want to show you the toll plaza first. but you can see the metering lights have been turned on early and there is already a huge backup here at the toll plaza. backing up all the way out to the maze instantly as the metering lights were on to a crawl. i also want to bring in 80 westbound. you can see right here there is flashing lights up there and traffic is very slow on the bridge getting into san francisco. this is a live picture now of our camera that we just spun around from emeryville facing the bridge here. and we have one of our reporters actually trying to get through from oakland to san francisco. it's crawling along into the city. so again crash on the bridge involving a motorcycle. we'll let you know more if anyone is seriously injured or not. this is 80 westbound on the incline section and you'll see traffic very, very slow. and also at the toll plaza. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880 the
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traffic here looks okay driving up to downtown oakland. if you are driving farther south it looks good. san mateo bridge may be a good option for you. leave the house early and get over the bay that way. it's a nice drive over to the peninsula. south bay off to a decent start. there is a crash northbound 101 near 880 on the shoulder. 6:'09 let's go -- 6:09 let's go to steve. we have scattered showers around. stretching from morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz valley up toward the san mateo coast. from about san jose over to just south of pacifica also had pretty good rain last night toward mountain view and san jose. some shower activity. even up toward lake county. more cloud to cloud lightning. high based stuff. rain most of it some areas evaporates before it hits the ground. it was strong enough toward san jose and mountain view. coming back off the sierra, nevada that is what is rotating around. it looks like it's lifting a little bit north.
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there is more high clouds than anything else. for us we are focusing in on that area that is going around the coast. the low is there. there is lightning in the forecast. plenty of showers and thundershowers are possible. sun and clouds, showers and lightning. this is a midwest forecast. just wait five minutes. 40s and 50s on the temps. cool for some. not bad for others. that south, southwest wind along the coast also from about the peninsula toward sfo and san francisco could make for a mild pattern. the low son its way south but it continues to send in little spokes of instability. so far most look to be around san jose area over toward san mateo coast. sun and lightning. the low moves south. by tonight it will be favoring santa cruz mountains. clouds, showers partly sunny and cloudy. definitely lightning. we've had that already. maybe thundershower activity. 60s and 70s on the temps. kind of an active pattern here. calming down on thursday and then it looks like mostly sunny
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and warmer as we go into the weekend there. mike and pam. thank you. 6:11 is the time. sarah palin has a new project. what the former vice presidential candidate wants people to know about moose chili. overnight fire in richmond and the large crawler they had to use to put it out. [ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches.
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share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. we have a traffic alert for you on the bay bridge.
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there is an injury crash westbound on the incline section here. the traffic is going to be slowed getting up on to the bridge. it's also creating a big backup at the toll plaza. the metering lights went on early. we do have big delays now mid- morning type delays already and this is not even 6:15. it will be a tough one this morning at the bay bridge. even if this crash clears right now. we are in for slow traffic this morning. plan accordingly. we will stay on top of that. also we have new video from richmond where a fire is being investigated. it started just after 2:00 this morning on brookside drive and rumville boulevard. there was lightning in the area at the time but they are still trying to figure out if that was the cause. no one was hurt. french police made a startling find during their terror investigation over the weekend they broke up a suspected terrorist cell. their interrogations led them to to a parking lot where they
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uncovered bomb making material including sulfer and a pressure cooker. the investigation began after a fire bombing at a kosher grocery store last month. war in afghanistan is expected to top the agenda as nato ministers meet in belgian today. official officials will discuss insider attacks. they will also formerly announce marine general john allen as the next nato supreme allied member. the state department is insisting there was no way the attack in benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens could have been predicted or prevented. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how the obama administration is defending its handling of the crisis ahead of a big hearing this morning. >> reporter: here on capitol hill republicans are alleging a cover up. they say the obama
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administration intentionally misled the public into believing the attacks that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans was the result of a protest over an antiislam video. now state department officials are expected to testify today. that was never their conclusion. and those official descriptions were not accurate. >> now we come out to find that those were absolutely not true, they are somewhere between totally false and absolutely not true. >> reporter: the committee will also be hearing today from a whistle blower who says the state department rejected repeated requests for more security in benghazi. a closer look at why those requests might have been denied during my next update. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. new survey finds millions of californians are not registered to vote in the upcoming november 6th election. 27% of eligible adults surveyed by the public policy institute of california say they have not registered to vote. of those who are registered 43%
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are democrats, 30% are republicans. 21% are independents and a vast majority of those people say they are more likely to lean toward the democrats and to the republicans. a teenager atuesdayed of attempted murder stealing a celebrity sheriff lamborghini in an attempted jailbreak will be back in court tomorrow. max wade is accused of a drive by shooting. yesterday was the first day of wade's preliminary hearing to determine if he should stand trial. wade is also charged with the theft of celebrity chef guy's lamborghini and accused of trying to break out of juvenile hall. sarah palin is working on a fitness book. the former alaska governor tells people magazine it will be about being healthy and self- discipline. she will talk about her family keeps in shape while eating
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their favorite home comfort food. sal first told you about it ten minutes ago. accident on the bay bridge. let's get over to you sal. >> that is right mike and pam. we have this crash up on the bridge involving injuries blocking the left lane and chp is still there along with emergency vehicles. the traffic is really slow at the toll plaza. it's barely moving. they slowed the metering lights down to almost nothing there. you can see as we go back to the crash on the incline section it's still there. they are working on it. even when it clears you need to give yourself extra time to get into san francisco. even if they were to magically pluck that thing off the bridge right now. the damage is done. it will take awhile to have all this backup filter through. we will be in slow traffic i would say for the rest of the morning if you just look at this and knowing how the bay bridge works after watching it for years and years this will not get better once they clear the accident. it will be this way for hours. let's move along and take a
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look at northbound 101. we had an earlier crash at 880. minor crash but causing delays already on 101. use 280 instead. let's go to steve. thank you a very good morning. a little bit of everything i just tweeted out. midwest weather today. lightning, showers, clouds, sun, fog even. shower activity stretches from santa clara valley right into the santa cruz mountains and right along the santa cruz and san mateo coast. had a pretty good rain last night. anything is possible today as that low works its way down the coast it rotates back in cloud cover. close to the coast also coming off the crest or spine of the sierra nevada going east to west. some clouds today. showers near the coast. a few could pop up inland. sun and clouds. showers and possible lightning again. we've had cloud to cloud lightning. most of the atmosphere is a little dry.
6:21 am
a lot of that rain evacrates before hit -- evaporates before hitting the ground. 40s and 50s on the temps before the low gets far enough south. but clouds showers partly sunny and partly cloudy. numerous reports of lightning here today. stretching from the east bay all the way over to the peninsula and even down toward san jose. 60s and 70s ons temps. a little active day today winding down on thursday and looks calmer and warmer as we go into the weekend there. >> thank you, steve. chevron is warning the third quarter earnings will be substantially lower than the third quarter. production fell during the first two months of the current quarter. refinery and mountain dropped off. and production in mississippi was disrupted by hurricane isaac. it's being called a humiliating experience. the controversial security
6:22 am
treatment a dying woman received during her last trip of her life. a record breaking sky dive still on hold. when the daredevil is now expected to leap.
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for a second straight day an usa tree january dare -- usa tree january daredevil has attempted his sky dive. he canceled because of high winds. he plans to try again tomorrow. if he is successful he become the first sky diver to break the sound barrier. a woman dying of cancer says getting through security through seattle airport was a nightmare. michelle needed to take prescription drugs and other medical supplies with her to hawaii. she called alaska airlines ahead of time for information getting through security. when she got there a machine didn't work and tsa agent broke open one of her saline bags. she adds that agents refused her request for a private screening when she was asked to show the feeding tube she needs. >> when somebody wants to take a trip especially what i call an end of life trip because you want to see your family and
6:26 am
friends then it's even more important than just taking a trip. >> the tsa says she should have contacted them directly but the agency does acknowledge refusing the private security screening does violate its policies. grape growers are celebrating a bountiful supply this year. the excess grapes astrive after a two year shortage due to weather. pumpkin farmers are also fairing well despite this years drought. pumpkins tend to thrive in dry weather. time now is 6:26. hot spot has been the bay bridge. let's get to sal. >> hello, mike. we have this injury crash blocking two lanes westbound. we have a look at it from one of our cameras that caught it. still there. traffic is going to be slow.
6:27 am
not only on the bridge but at the toll plaza. quickly want to get you to the maps for an alternate route here. you want to go down the nimitz freeway. still very much of a doable alternate route. of course we will stay on this and have another report onlying up very soon. now to steve. about the same today. right now we have partly cloudy skies a few showers toward the san mateo, santa clara area. we'll take a closer look at it coming up. a massive fire damages several businesses at a union city strip mall. where the fire may have started and how long it burned before firefighters arrived. a stanford professor wakes up to find out he won the nobel prize. what he won it for and why he almost missed the phone call. going to take you live to the opening bell where worries
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are just getting ready to ring the opening bell this morning. that is california united bank over there celebrating its listing on the nasdaq this morning. there is the opening bell live. and over there on the new york stock exchange oamira nature foods. they are celebrating an ipo. we've had quite a few ipo's lately. they are packaged specialty rices. good news we talked about good news this morning the earnings season is not expected to be good but this morning yum brands which is a parent company for kfc and taco bell has a good report. it is wednesday, october 10th i'm mike mibach.
6:31 am
dave clark has the morning off. >> i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. we have developing news overnight fire damaged several businesses at a union city strip mall. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong has been out there this morning. >> reporter: pam, let me show you what is happening right now at this strip mall. you can see we have two aerial trucks out here over the strip mall keeping an eye on things. the roof has actually partially collapsed and there was still poke coming out of it. you can see a little bit of white smoke coming off that roof line. you have one of the trucks with a firefighter on top there throwing water on it. making sure that nothing flairs up. they also aren't going to go in until they can make sure it's safe and can't do that until they get daylight. we want to show you a look at the flames when this fire was really going. it gives you an idea how much damage is likely in there. smoke first started about 1:00 this morning. firefighters believe that fire had been burning for quite awhile. it was hidden in a large part
6:32 am
of their roof attic area. four alarms were called which brought 50 firefighters to the scene and a nearby apartment complex had to be evacuated. >> we were asleep and our dogs started barking. the next thing you know we were looking outside and there were red lights flashing and opened the back windows and the whole back half of the building was on fire. literally flames shooting way up in the air and it was actually pretty intense. >> reporter: those residents are back in their home. the fire did not spread to that apartment complex. one firefighter did get some stitches after cutting himself on plait glass z they were fighting this fire. he is okay as well. as far as the cause they are still not sure. at this point it's a bit of a waiting game. >> now it's kind of a wait for the sun to come up for us. we did have a partial collapse of the roof. and because of that partial collapse we want to get the sun up so they can get a better visualization of what is going
6:33 am
on. >> reporter: i want to show you video now of some of the damage we were actually able to get closer to the front of the strip mall to show you what it looks like inside the stores. it's pretty extensive. firefighters say this fire had a quote tremendous head start. one of the things that worked in their favor two firewalls that helped stop this fire in its track. coming back out here live to the strip mall here in union city you can see white smoke coming up from where that roof partially collapsed. right under where that roof is still standing. that is where the firewall was. one of them. we pan over to the right to the corner of the strip mall, that is actually where they believe the fire started. there is a restaurant actually two restaurants right in that corner. it's amazing we went up close on one side you have extensive damage. on the other side practically nothing in terms of fire damage. that is because where the other firewall sits. live here in union city claudine wong. firefighters are looking into the cause of the fire that
6:34 am
left three people homeless in san jose. it happened at 6:40 last night on fawn drive. three adults who lived in the home did get out safely. right now they are looking for a place to stay after firefighters declared that house uninhabitable. firefighters believe the fire started in an outdoor severalling unit. fire investigators are also looking for an arsonist who has been targeting a west san jose neighborhood. they plan to hand out fliers today asking for the public's help in solving the arsons. at least eight have been set in dumpsters and bushes in that area. >> as you can see they are pretty close to the homes. i mean you've got cars in these garages. if the garages go up and cars inside them can go up and it's going to be like a chain reaction. >> police say they plan to step up patrols in the area and firefighters are asking neighbors to immediately report any suspicious activity. a 17-year-old girl is fighting for her life this morning after being stabbed multiple sometimes in san
6:35 am
francisco's mission district. police say the girl was attacked on vince la and 21st streets just after 7:00 last night at this point no arrests have been made. in election 2012 news mitt romney continues campaigning today in the battleground state of ohio. new jersey governor chris cristy will join romney in ohio. a comment romney made about abortion is getting attention. he told the des moines register he would not pursue any abortion related legislation if he was elected president but he would use an executive order to reinstate a policy that bans american funding of abortions in other countries. president obama is back at the white house today after also campaigning in ohio yesterday. the president has a meeting scheduled with secretary of state hillary clinton following the congressional hearing.
6:36 am
president obama heads back out on the campaign trail to florida tomorrow. this morning a stanford professor received one of the most important phone calls of his life matt keller is live in palo alto where he talked to the newest bay area winner of a nobel prize. matt. >> reporter: we're the only local news organization here at the home of stanford professor brian kobilka. he got the announcement early this morning from the nobel prize committee. here's the video we have from that big announcement. professor brian kobilka shares the prize with duke university professor robert lefkowitz for their work on g protein coupled
6:37 am
molecular. >> from neuropsychiatric disorders to metabolic disorders like diabetes cardiovascular disease. almost any disease you can think of. even cancer. >> reporter: professor kobilka said he missed the first phonecall at 2:20 this morning and thought it was the wrong number. fortunately they called back. they will split the $1.2 million prize. now stanford is holding a press conference later this morning at 10:00 a.m.. and that will be on the campus of the school of medicine. reporting live in palo alto matt keller. all right we are continuing to follow that developing news on the bay bridge unfortunately it looks like a mess. let's check in with sal. >> that is right. this crash that has been reported here was reported just after or just before 6:00 here westbound bay bridge on the incline section still has at least one lane closed here and
6:38 am
traffic is squeezing by. now if you are trying to get to the bridge, this will mean a big backup at the toll plaza. they have still not cleared. you can see the traffic is backed up. the metering lights went on early. it's causing a backup on 80 and 580. you're watching at home you have to get on the road early because 580 and 80 will also be slow as a result of this big backup. you can think about doing alternate routes. going down to the san mateo bridge and using that. there is a little bit of a backup already in hayward. there is a crash southbound 880. but across the bay it still looks pretty good. the peninsula by the way if you are bonderring 101 looks good. 280 looks good. 6:38 let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. also looking good is shower activity which is increasing here from morgan hill to santa cruz mountains up along skyline here. the low sending in actually two distinct bans one is moving north. but the other one stretching from there it is morgan hill,
6:39 am
gilroy. watch how they increase there. right by highway 17. a little bit of activity. i wouldn't be surprised if there is a little bit of thunder and lightning embedded in that. from about mountain view san jose south and west as well. that seems to be the main focus. also associated with this big low it's intensified a little bit. so we get sun, clouds, showers possible lightning and they are moving. most of these from land toward sea. so along san mateo santa cruz coastline a better opportunity than marin or sonoma coast. thunderstorms possible this afternoon. atmosphere is a little unstable. 40s and 50s. no cloud cover. city moe that county airport has fog. the low is moving south but it will take a day before it takes its cloud cover with it. clouds, showers possible thundershowers. lots of reports of lightning. 60s and 70s on the temps. and it looks like one more active day maybe early in the santa clara valley on thursday and things calm down with your
6:40 am
weekend always in view it will be mostly sunny and warmer. there is still hope for the giants and a's. >> jacks one to deep right center field. cocoa crisp going back on the track he leaps. he's got it. >> a's center fielder cocoa crisp did get it. solo home run from the detroit tigers as they won 2-0. even though the a's are down 2-1 the team remains confident. >> we will sleep on it. we will definitely not get too high or too low. >> a bunch of no name players that have been -- they are a great team. >> unfortunately a few dozen fans did not get to see the game because of a ticket mixup. they had tickets for what they thought was game number three but were actually for home game number three. last night was game three in the series but home game number one. the a's by the way played the tigers tonights at 6:37.
6:41 am
the giants also had a good day despite striking out though 16 times. the giants edged the reds 2-1 in ten innings. game four starts at 1:07 this afternoon pacific time. >> fight to get to a game five should be a good day of baseball 37 christmas comes early for shoppers in san francisco. we'll show you a live picture from the city. the long awaited opening of the target store now just minutes away. we are live in san francisco where after months of drama the sheriff ross mirkarimi will get to keep his job. we'll tell you why the supervisors voted the way they did. good morning. still an injury crash on the bridge. it's been there for now more than a half hour causing huge delays in the east bay. moy to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. some areas of showers to north and also from aboutson that clara valley right along the coast. and that will continue you will see some of these popping up along the santa cruz mountains. 6:44 on the clock. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you. several businesses were damaged overnight in a big fire at a union city strip mall.
6:45 am
it started at 1:00 a.m.. one firefighter has a hand injury and an apartment building had to be evacuated. injury crash involving a motorcycle is creating a huge problem for bay bridge commuters showing you a live picture now of the upper deck right there going into san francisco. that is where the accident happened just about 45 minutes ago. drivers are being urged to leave early or to find an alternate route. 57-year-old stanford researcher brian kobilka has won the nobel prize in chemistry. just about one hour ago ktvu talked to him in his south bay home. his research which he shared with the duke scientist will help produce better drugs. half of the $1.2 billion prize will go to retirement or pass it on to his children. quite a surprise for many people overnight. ross mirkarimi will keep his job as san francisco sheriff. supervisors cast their votes late last night after hours of public comment. ktvu tara moriarty joins us from outside city hall with
6:46 am
reaction from all sides. tara. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi has to be feeling some relief this morning. mayor ed lee obviously some disappointment. his very own appointee to the board of supervisors voted against him essentially and wanted to let mirkarimi stay. the other supervisors who also voted that way were david campos, john avalos, and jane kim. >> the motion is not approved. the charges are not sustained. chaps chaps >> >> reporter: the late night decision. they felt that mirkarimi's guilty plea to self- impresesment against his -- imprison the did not rise to misconduct. the ethics commission voted to remove him from office. supervisor campos said the sole
6:47 am
vote from the ethics president is what influenced his decision. >> the definition of official misconduct that is provided in the charter as he said needs to be done interpreted in a narrow way. it has to be a relationship to the duties and because if you don't have that interpretation, then you create a big opening for abuse. >> reporter: and that abuse he's talking about is in reference to the is mayoral power. mirkarimi will receive back pay from the time he was suspended back in march. the whole ordeal stemmed from a new years eve incident from his wife lopez who suffered a bruised arm during the fight. mayor ed lee issued a statement saying he strongly disagrees with the 7-4 vote. will never be considered a private family matter and never tolerated. mirkarimi will be back here this morning.
6:48 am
he said he is ready to move forward and get down to business. live in san francisco city hall i'm tara moriarty. the supreme court will hear arguments today in a case that would have a big impacts on college admissions. it stems from a 2008 lawsuit when a white student sued the university of texas claiming she was denied admission due to her race. the supreme court upheld the use of affirmative action in college admissions back in 2003 but analysts say the court has become increasingly conservative and could restrict or even end the use of race as is a factor in admissions. happening right now it's the newest department store in the bay area target is opening up in the heart of san francisco. ktvu alex savidge is live this morning for us outside the metreon where that target store will open in ten minutes. >> reporter: a lot of excitement here in san francisco. the doors will open a few minutes from right now here at 7:00. san francisco's first target store. it's the city target.
6:49 am
it's going to be right here. it is right here on the second floor of the metreon. this is a new type of scale down target. 98,000 square foot store. 25% smaller than most of the target stores you are used to. last night mayor ed lee was here for a ribbon cutting for the new store. it's being billed as a target with a urban twist. target essentially expects that people will come here to buy fewer items but will make more frequent trips to stores like this one. again the doors opening shortly at 7:00 this morning. we are here. we haven't seen much of a line. but the doors open shortly. this is the soft opening. the official grand opening is this sunday. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. all right time is 6:49. fortunately -- unfortunately if you are just joining us there is a big problem on the bay
6:50 am
bridge. >> there is an accident that just cleared. the flashing lights are gone. the lanes have reopened. but the damage is done. it was an injury crash that blocked two lanes. including a motorcycle. they are gone. and now let's look at the toll plaza backup. it's very, very slow. slower than it normally is. they simply have to cycle through all the cars that have struck. 80 through berkeley will be slow as well. if you think about alternate routes the san mateo bridge is not a bad one. there is slow traffic getting there. as a matter of fact, i want to point out right here you see slowing. there was an earlier crash in union city. it will not be completely easy. you might want to consider that any way. a very good morning. lots of reports of lightning. last night some rain and the beat goes on here this morning. it's kind of a mixed bag though.
6:51 am
most looks like it's pushing north. but the band we are looking at is right there and coming back in from east to west. rotating around that low. things are getting very active. look at that starting to pop upright there. as it heads from santa cruz coast, santa cruz mountains. over toward half-moon bay. so that seems to be the most active pattern. but the cloud cover could go from the sierra to the central valley. so kind of a broad brush here. 40s and 50s on the temps. very thick fog. the low is moving south. but embedded within it are little disturbances. that is what is firing up the lightning and showers. thundershowers are possible later on. get afternoon heating. the low is moving south by tomorrow it will probably be far enough south we will see calmer conditions in here. partly sunny and cloudy. off and on lightning. 60 ann 70s on the temps. i don't think they are going
6:52 am
anywhere today. about the same on thursday. that low will be in southern california by thursday around and evening. toyota recalling almost $7.5 million cars because of a fire hazard. the recall effects cars made between july of 2005 and may of 2010. also the scion and tundra. the problem is with the switch on power windows. it could cause a fire no injuries have been reported but owners of effected cars should contact their dealers. walmart plans to test its same day delivery service in the bay area just in time for the holidays. on line shoppers can try it out for themselves by early next month. it does require a minimum order of $45. quite a show for tourists as a sea lion is rescued off of
6:53 am
san francisco pier 39. there they are clapping. how wildlife officials freed the animal from a fishing line. the brave actions that helped save a family from a burning car in oakland. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es.
6:54 am
and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
6:55 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking a live look at the big board. dow jones down 43 points.
6:56 am
nasdaq getting a little bit of a gain this morning but stocks around the world investors are worried about the earnings season. one bright spot today yum brands we mentioned parent company of kfc and pizza hut that stock is up 7%. a commercial building near downtown los angeles is a total loss this morning after a huge fire. it started as a grass fire along 101 last night but the flames quickly spread to the three-story building. firefighters were treated or five firefighters were treated for minor injuries after the roof collapsed. no one else was hurt. in oakland a father and two toddlers are safe thanks to the quick thinking of three people that noticed his car was on fire. a man drove into the trader joe's parking lot around 5:45 last night with flames and smoke shooting out of his car. another man helped that driver escape while two women grabbed the 18-month-old children from the backseat. >> somebody get the kids. then we realized there was kids in the car. we couldn't see them.
6:57 am
>> no one was hurt and investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that car fire. we are now hearing gas prices in california may have finally reached their peak. aaa announces it expects prices to begin a downward trend after hitting record highs for the fourth day in a row yesterday. several factors have paved the way for prices to go down. possibly as soon as today. there is a dramatic rescue on pier 39 as they work to free a sea lion from a fishing line. they had to use a tranquilizer dart and net to capture the animal so they could remove the fishing line that was wrapped around its neck. the sea lion is now recovering at the marine animal center. a second was spotted with debris around its neck but it was scared by a tour and disappeared into the water. picture of the morning so far commute wise has to be that approach to the bay bridge toll
6:58 am
plaza looking like a parking lot. >> yeah. crash westbound on the bridge. traffic at a standstill. coming up on mornings on 2 we will show you all the backups to the bridge but it's going to be a tough one for you this morning. you can see it right there red all over the place. also slow getting to the san mateo bridge but the bridge itself looks good. 6:57 let's go to steve. pretty good rain down around campbell. also up in the santa cruz mountains. anything goes. some of this wrapping back around from east to west could trigger in that shower activity. we'll have more coming up. also coming up several businesses damaged in a huge overnight fire. the answer firefighters are hoping to get as soon as the sun comes up. i look forward to many fences mayor ed lee. >> a message to move forward from -- from ross mirkarimi.
6:59 am

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